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Visual Studio 2017 error: Unable to start program, An operation is not legal in the current state


For me, the solution (workaround) is to turn off JavaScript debugging on Chrome, which I believe is a new feature introduced in VS 2017.

Go to Tools > Options > Debugging > General and turn off the setting for Enable JavaScript Debugging for ASP.NET (Chrome and IE).


35 Projects You Can Add to GitHub to Show Off Your Dev Skills


I first discovered GitHub when I was going to MeetUps in the Loop, trying to figure out what a “real” developer did. As someone who came from a non-technical background, I wanted to know as much about getting into the tech industry as I could. I kept hearing from professional developers that companies would see their work on GitHub, and reach out to them with job opportunities.
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Пара статей по MVC 5

Ссылки висят во вкладках, но пока есть много другого на поизучать, а так сайт вроде интересный




Карта с погодой (цветная температура, анимированный ветер) https://www.ventusky.com/


The Rules Design Pattern


Michael Whelan

Lately, I’ve been having to support some legacy code that has a lot of conditional logic and duplication. It can be quite hard to integrate new rules as the code can be difficult to understand and to digest what is going on. This sort of code often has comments explaining what the different pieces of conditional logic are doing. The problems only gets worse as you have to add more conditions over time.
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Why Learning to Code is So Damn Hard

Статья на английском, пока не читала.
Ссылка из курса Юдасити по разработке под Андроид