35 Projects You Can Add to GitHub to Show Off Your Dev Skills


I first discovered GitHub when I was going to MeetUps in the Loop, trying to figure out what a “real” developer did. As someone who came from a non-technical background, I wanted to know as much about getting into the tech industry as I could. I kept hearing from professional developers that companies would see their work on GitHub, and reach out to them with job opportunities.

As someone without a college degree who disliked putting together resumes, I thought “This is for me.” I figured if I added projects to my GitHub, I could find a job as a “real” developer.

I think it worked 🙂

It’s no secret that hiring managers, recruiters, and developers look to GitHub when looking for talent. It’s a way for them to look at your work, and see how you might fit on their team.

Many companies are getting rid of resumes altogether or leaving the request for a resume until the end of the interview process. It makes sense; why look at a piece of paper that vaguely describes a developers skills when you can just look at a repository of a developer’s skills?

I came up with this list of 51 project ideas for GitHub, so you have one last thing to think about. Just pick any number, 1 through 35, and build it. Your project can be made in any language, with or without a framework. Pick a language that you want to show off to hiring managers, or a technology that you want to learn for fun.

If you want to dive deeper into bigger, more complex projects, you should try our 5-day coding challenge.

A. Travel

A map that shows the places you want to travel to.
A program that tells you the difference in miles between two cities.
A program that allows you to check-in, check-out, and order room service.
A program that asks for color, make, and model, and returns a car.
A quiz that tells you what city to move to next.

B. Reading + Writing

A lorem ipsum generator.
A program that translates English to another language.
A blog.
A program for checking out and returning books.
A program for recommending books.

C. Silly

Mad Libs.
A program that returns quotes from your favorite 90’s movie.
A program that returns song lyrics from your favorite 80’s songs.
A program that takes currency and returns an 80’s toy.
A program that tells you what color cupcakes to make.

D. Games

Paper Rock Scissors
Black Jack
Connect Four

E. Finance

A program that accepts money, and saves it to an account.
A program that takes in expenses, and gives you back an account balance.
A currency converter.
A program that takes in a dollar amount, and converts it to pennies.
A retirement calculator.

F. Katas

Tennis Kata
Roman Numeral Kata
Gilded Rose Kata
FizzBuzz Kata
String Calculator Kata

G. Random

A Twitter Bot.
A chore list.
A name scrambler.
A calculator.
A program that takes food orders, and returns a bill.

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